Environmental Sustainability | South Coast Walk Journeys

Minimal Environmental impact without compromise

We pride ourselves on being environmentally sustainable and operate our business with the smallest possible Carbon Footprint. We believe walking is the lowest impact way to see the environment.

During our tours we deliver fun environmental facts about the including our plight against marine debris and how it enters the ocean, this helps to ensure the future safety of pristine environments such as the one we work in and protect creatures from ending up like these ones below. Our guests often learn how make smarter purchasing decisions and return home with a new knowledge of plastic pollution.

We are committed to sustainable operations.

We contribute to conservation and Climate change action by running multiple Clean up Australia Day sites on the National Day of Celebration.

  1. Our guides lead a journeys to Clean up wind and tide blown trash along the coast.
  2. Region X offer free use of kayaks from the Region X Boasted in Mossy Point, armed with a clean up bag you can help clean up the Tomaga river. Simply turn up anytime 9 am – 1pm to Mossy Point to grab a kayak and cruise upstream on your own to clean up mission.
  3. We run an annual Whale Census sea kayak tour in our region to align with an International Whale Count

Customers may choose to take some learning away from our tours to better protect the natural environment.

Along with these clean up sites, we contribute to sustainable operations and healthy estuaries by working colaboratively with the Eurobodalla Shire Council to conduct estuary cleanups to places that vehicles, power boats or feet can not access. Visiting a dozen locations every year with a crew of happy volunteers.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

If you have one of our Brochures its preferable for you to pass it on to a friend, or “share” and electronic version of what you like.

On tours we recycle everything, we clean up beaches as we go and often paddle home with strange and interesting bits we find!

Volunteer to Clean up an Estuary or beach!

We always need help! – To join a clean up crew email Bernadette Davis, Eurobodalla Shire Councils Environmental Education Officer by clicking here

Register to Volunteer NOW

We have also been an active player to protect the Deua Valley, where ancient forests are under threat from proposed mining activity upstream,

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