About - Murramarang Coast Journey

About the Murramarang Coast Journey

Our Mission

Safe, secure and rewarding operations for guests, staff and third parties at all times.

Interpretation and education of natural, cultural and historical attractions in Murramarang.

Ecological Sustainable Tourism Experiences with Minimal Environmental impact, without compromise.

The “Murramarang coast journey” emerged from a desire to offer sustainable travel in our backyard to like minded guests who prefer to turn their backs on consumerism, engage in educational, safe, fun and be with like minded guests and guides.

We are proud to offer visitor experiences that have an extremely low carbon footprint. Engaging in these activities positively contributes to the fight against Climate Change and Engaging in these interpretive tours is one of the worlds greatest sustainable activities.

Each signature experience with us has its own personality and style, these points of difference will be joined by unbreakable cords of quality, professionalism, premium service, friendly and knowledgeable staff who interpret the environment and most importantly a passion to do the right thing by the communities and the environments in which we operate.

The Murramarang Coast Journey experiences emerged from parent company “Region X” who for years have exuded passion for our unique coastal environment. These trips have combined local geographical and geological knowledge and intimate knowledge of marine and bird life, Indigenous and European history, impact management experience and the simple fun and pleasure of completing an achievable outdoor adventure experience.

If you’re concerned or confused about which tour or experience to book, give us a call, as we emphasise matching our market segments with our specific products to provide an achievable experience for everyone. Our school programs and corporate events are tailored packages, by working together we can deliver high class end results to suit your needs.


There is a Murramarang Experience waiting for you.