Travel Age West – California writes about Batemans Bay

The humble Oyster Industry of Batemans Bay makes headlines in the USA

The long established Oyster Industry in Batemans Bay on the temperate NSW South Coast is making news in the USA thanks to the collaboration between Region X and the Wray Street Oyster Shed.

The Oyster tasting Kayak Tour has become one of the most popular ways to learn about the industry as the tour heads into its 4th year of operation.

Region X director Josh Waterson notes: “The progression of this tour has been a great thing to oversee with this package heading towards one of the most popular things to do in Batemans Bay. It really has been a joy to develop this concept with Jade and her team at Wray street Oyster Shed” Waterson continues, “i remember we started this tour with a float through the oyster racks and our guides fumbling through the Oyster story, we now include stops at Jades shed, oyster growers giving the talks which includes the history of farming on the river, some oyster anatomy, opening demonstrations and of course tastings”.

Batemans Bay Oyster Industry gets introduced to USA

Both Region X and Wray Street are thrilled to be included in various publications and are gaining popular success within the tourism industry with their collaborative approach to the market. You can read the story that featured in the Travel Age West, right here.

For those keen, the tour departs at 2pm every day of the year (except christmas day) from Batemans Bay, bookings can be made by Phone on 1300 001 060 0r online.