Sea Kayak Hinchinbrook Island with Region X #3

Blog 3:

The last 2 Region X to Hinchinbrook island blogs focused on the area, and what to expect, So much Buzz around Region X latest offering to Hinchinbrook island, here is another chance to get the tour low down and some details, still more to come!

First of all the Tour Dates: September 23 – 29, 2018

The Price: $2295 all inclusive

Good news about the price is that we are doing 5% off for any early bird bookings taken prior to April 1 this year, deposits of 30% must be paid by this date to get the discount.

More good News – BONUS a sea kayak training day in Batemans Bay, and a sunsmart kayaking kit including hat, sunglass retainer and UV Buff. 

Sign me up now? Send us an email and we will add you to the list!

 Enough about that here is more tour low down:

Meals and beverages 

Our guides will prepare all meals during the trip offering a varied menu, including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, some cooked breakfasts, and wholesome tasty dinners with yummy desserts. Exercise and the great outdoors can often mean great appetites too, so we make sure we have plenty of provisions. However, we are unable to carry coolers in our kayaks so our meals are planned accordingly. We are more than happy to cater to any specific dietary requirements, so long as we have prior knowledge so please let us know when you make your booking. Our guides are renowned for producing gourmet meals on camp stoves and impressing even the most ardent camp chefs.  Being in the lush tropical wilderness, water is not a concern, we will have plenty of clear fresh drinking water during our journey. We will also provide fruit drinks with meals. If you would like to bring along some alcoholic beverage to enjoy during the evening please do so, however remember space is limited in the kayaks.

Camping – take only photos and leave only footprints!!

We provide quality two-person tents whilst on the islands, if you are travelling alone you will be provided with your own tent otherwise if you choose you can share with another member of the group, this helps to save space and weight in the kayaks. The regions we visit are World Heritage listed and often fragile ecosystems. We therefore have a policy of extremely low environmental impact. All our food waste and general rubbish will be removed from the islands and the use of


biodegradable soap is appreciated. Your guide will outline everything we can do to keep our impact to a minimum.

Fitness Level 

All moderate level trips will be most enjoyed by participants who are reasonably active and happy to participate in paddling, swimming/snorkel and hiking for up to six hours a day. Due to weather conditions some days may include some strenuous activity. As with many outdoor pursuits the fitter you are the more you will enjoy paddling, therefore we would suggest that you participate in a regular exercise program prior to your trip to improve overall fitness. Exercise for the upper body such as paddling or swimming would also be effective for sea kayaking. Obviously we are operating in a sea environment so a basic level of swimming and water confidence is mandatory for all our participants.

Equipment list 

On all our trips we are totally self sufficient so space is limited, it is therefore necessary to travel light. We provide a waterproof dry-bag for your personal equipment and clothing, these are not easily accessible whilst paddling. You may prefer to provide yourself with a small waterproof container for easy access to necessary items such as cameras, binoculars. We will provide a communal day dry-bag for cameras etc, which will be accessible during the day.  If you are not going back to your accommodation after the trip we are happy to store your bags whilst you are on the water.  Light coloured clothing is advisable; on some beaches and at certain times of the year sand-flies and mosquitos may be present and they are more attracted to dark colours as they provide them better camouflage.

Standard Guest packing list 

The List below is a basic list of suggested item’s. Not all items are mandatory and by no means is this an exhaustive list, so common sense with your interpretation is essential. Happy packing J

Lightweight and compact sleeping bag and inner-sheet (Important)

Cotton single bed sheet to go over camping mattress (important)

Small backpacking towel and or sarong

2 long sleeve shirts or rash shirt (to wear whilst paddling)

2 pairs of quick-dry shorts and swimwear


sports sandals/ reef shoes or light weight shoes

lightweight pair of trousers (to wear around camp)

lightweight long-sleeve shirt (to wear around camp)

lightweight fleece or jacket (to wear around camp)

lightweight thermal top (polypro, smart wool or capilene is recommended)

lightweight waterproof rain-jacket.

lightweight socks.

small torch and batteries (a head torch is handy for camping)

minimal toiletries (biodegradable salt water soap/shampoo)

medical needs (see section of medical matters)

Plenty of sun screen and lip balm (waterproof and SPF 30+)

Effective insect repellent (please beware DEET based products can melt plastic, tents and even 
some drybags)

Sunglasses with retainer

Wide-brim hat for sun protection is essential with a chinstrap to keep it on in a breeze.

1 litre water bottle

Optional extras – Camera – Binoculars – small fishing rod/ handline and tackle – book or magazine – cards or small game – personalized snorkel gear – lightweight hammock – small battery charger (for camera or phone) – Buff or bandana – spare sunglasses and hat – extra sunscreen – spare batteries

Gear we Provide

Comfortable quality tents. – Comfortable camping mattress – Crazy creek camp chair – Dry bags for personal gear – All kayaking specific equipment – All camp kitchen equipment and shelter – Appropriate toileting facilities

Please don’t hesitate to call or email our office if you have any extra questions regarding gear or arrangements.  See you seaside for a paddle into paradise.


You can check out the full itinerary here: Itinerary Hinchinbrook Island Expedition 7 days

More details or Bookings – just send us an email below: