Sea Kayak Hinchinbrook Island with Region X #2

Blog 2:

So much Buzz around Region X latest offering to Hinchinbrook island, here is another chance to get the tour low down and some details, still more to come!

First of all the Tour Dates: September 23 – 29, 2018

The Price: $2295 all inclusive

Good news about the price is that we are doing 5% off for any early bird bookings taken prior to April 1 this year, deposits of 30% must be paid by this date to get the discount.

More good News – BONUS a sea kayak training day in Batemans Bay, and a sunsmart kayaking kit including hat, sunglass retainer and UV Buff. 

Sign me up now? Send us an email and we will add you to the list!

Enough about that here is more tour low down:


Some of the main elements of sea kayaking are salt water and sand, which do not always mix well with expensive and delicate camera equipment. We would suggest that you keep your camera gear to a minimum. Small dry bags or waterproof cases are both handy and effective protection. The best alternative is a waterproof camera.

Personal spending 

You are unable to spend any money once we are on the islands. (fellas is your taking your partner, that’s good news)

For our Hinchinbrook trip we will stop on our drive to Lucinda to stretch our legs, so you may want some cash for a coffee on Sunday morning and final lunch will be at the Dunk Island Beach Cafe so feel free bring along some cash for drinks at lunch. You will need to budget for your stay in Mission Beach, such as accommodation, meals and souvenirs. Mission Beach also offers many sightseeing and adventure day tours. Mission Beach does have a Bendigo Bank and ATM’s. All valuables should be left secure in your hotel safe or with us during the kayaking.

Medical matters 

All participants are asked to provide us with a completed medical form, which is included in your itineraries details and should be returned to us as soon as possible. All our extended trips take us into isolated regions so prior attention to medical matters is important. Please advise us of any relevant conditions, regular medications or special dietary requirements. Please tell your guide about any allergies you may have. If you suffer from any known anaphylactic allergic reactions especially to allergens that may be present on the trip then we HIGHLY recommend carrying a minimum of two Epi-pens or other adequate forms of administering adrenalin. Our guides are trained and qualified in Wilderness Medicine and we carry an extremely comprehensive medical kit on our expeditions, however you are asked to provide your own basics such as: –  Aspirin or headache relief, Bandaid strips, Plenty of Insect repellent, Zinc cream or lip protectant, Plenty of Sun screen, preferably waterproof and at least SPF 30+. Biodegradable/antiseptic soap, preferably Ti tree.  Mild anti-nausea drugs if you suffer from seasickness. And any medications specifically prescribed for you for any known medical conditions.

Travel Insurance 

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover you against sickness, accident, cancellation, loss of baggage and the unlikely event that you require emergency evacuation by air due to illness or accident. Please check if your policy covers cancellation as a result of bad weather. This insurance can be arranged through your travel agent when booking your flights.

Sea kayak guides 

We believe that the cornerstone to an exceptional trip is having exceptional guides. We pride ourselves on employing the best guides in the business to lead our trips. All our guides are highly qualified with years of sea miles behind them. They trained and qualified in Wilderness Medicine and CPR. They are not only skilled kayakers and gracious hosts but also gourmet chefs who can whip up gastronomic delights on camp stoves. Our guides are nature lovers, these islands are their back yard and they feel a strong connection to them. They take great pride in not only sharing the wonder of this environment but also acting as stewards for its preservation. Ultimately and most importantly our guides are genuine humans, friendly, kind souls who pride themselves on making authentic connections with all who journey with them.

You can check out the full itinerary here: Itinerary Hinchinbrook Island Expedition 7 days

More details or Bookings – just send us an email here: