Whale Watch Batemans Bay from a Cliff top Hike or Kayak

Right now is a perfect time to watch Whales in Batemans Bay, on the South Coast of NSW.  Anyone can join a Kayak Tour or a Hike to witness one of Natures Great migrations.

Over the last 3 weeks, each time we head into the Outdoors we have been witnessing Whales, various family groups, spouting, breaching displaying amazing behaviour for us to watch! Don’t think about it, book on a tour now, Dont let the Migration Pass you by!




Various Species of Whale migrate along the NSW South Coast and into Batemans Bay, stopping to play prior to heading to the summer feeding ground of Antarctica

Region X Offer both Half Day and Full Day Sea Kayak Tours, visiting Whale migration hot spots in and around Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW. We choose our departure location based on the weather, wind, whales and swell directions!

We paddle in expedition Style Double Sea Kayaks with foot controlled rudders and spray skirts to keep you dry. The kayaks are stable, comfortable and perfect silent mode of travel to discover whales.

You can also witness Whale Migration on our Coastal Day Hikes

The best locations to see whales migrate are often from a cliff top along the coast, the Coastal hikes along Murramarang Coast are a great example of this, see the details here.

A great way to keep in touch with the volume of the whales is to check out the NPWS Whale Watching APP called “Wild About Whales. The App also allows you to post your sightings and check in where recent sightings have been made.


Go on book a whale watching tour, hike or kayak from Batemans Bay Now.

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You can View the Departure Calendar Here