School Groups Choose an Educational Outdoor Program in Batemans Bay – South Coast NSW

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Groups can choose from:

Our Staff live, eat and breathe their watery workplace, from Mangrove systems, sea grass beds, threatened migrating birds, to the habits of the Eastern Rock Lobster and can engage groups to enjoy a safe and educational experience in the outdoors.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The Region X group program for schools or community is based around using our dynamic Outdoor classroom and we are fortunate to be situated within a significant biological area where river meets ocean, biodiversity is high and teeming with learning possibilities.[/quote]

Region X designs School programs in the Batemans Bay area that are fun and educational. Using our kayaks, hiking and cycling as the ultimate low impact vehicles to enter these sensitive unique environments we can design and quote your group based on duration and numbers.

We can also organise other activities, transport and accommodation for you. Or your entire school camp.


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