Ten Proven Tips from the Region X team on becoming a classy tour service …..

1) Talk so you can be heard

Ask ‘can everyone hear me ok?’ from time to time. Its ok when your in conversation to only chat to those around but if its s safety situation commit to being heard by everyone in the group for the entire duration of the message.

• Have good posture, project and use your ‘outside voice’

• Face people the ENTIRE time you are speaking, when you turn your head, your voice will be lost

• Check regularly if people can’t hear you. Encourage those people to stay close

2) Ditch the notes/flashcards and reference book

Reading your tour from a script is not acceptable. If you don’t know your material by heart, you’re not ready to take paying guests on tour.

• Rehearse your talking points and practice giving your tour aloud before your first paying guests

3) Focus on the basics

Make a list of professional expectations that the world has for you as a tour leader. Some examples?

• Start and finish on time, be prepared and organized, dress professionally and smile and be pleasant!

4) Get Feedback

Is an evaluation being offered to every client that you work with? If it is not, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for personal growth and professional development

• Use guest feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses

• Ask for an overall rating for yourself, which is different than the overall evaluation of the tour Include specific questions and how guests think you could improve

5) Find a Mentor Who is one tour leader or guide that you really look up to.

Don’t have one? Make it a priority to find one!

• Study that person objectively and break down what specifically makes them so successful

• Develop a relationship with that person if possible! Most people will be more than willing to lend a helping hand if they see you are genuine and interested in learning

6) Adapt your tour to the people who are on it

Make a habit of finding out who is on your tour – and for what reasons! Use this information to create a uniquely tailored tour that will stand out for them and you. • Take the time during your introductions to ask what people are most curious about or interested in

• Find out why they came on the tour in the first place and then share relevant information with them

7) Get excited If you are bored with your tour or not passionate about your subject matter – find a way to bring it to life.

• Focus on stories and facts that YOU find interesting, amazing or remarkable!

• Sharing your passions is really all about sharing yourself. Connect meaningfully with people and allow the world to see you shine!